What is nAIS?

It-digin's nAIS shows live vessel traffic in a natural user interface. It features routes, alerts, own vessels, follow me... and more. nAIS is immersive software. Natural user interfaces give people efficient and intriguing ways to get the information they're looking for. They allow new experiences that users find intuitive, engaging and visually appealing. Natural user interfaces are designed so that people immediately understand how content will respond when they perform specific actions. Experiences based on content encourage people to explore and discover information on their own.

Traffic insight

nAIS is very useful for port service providers, traffic management at traffic posts and port authorities. nAIS provides a clear picture of the traffic and can be configured to automatically send alerts or replay historic data. nAIS can also provide important information for emergency services or customers of inland navigation.


nAIS can be configured for any area in the world and features a multitouch natural user experience, live vessel traffic, alerts, own vessels, routes, and many more. nAIS also provides historic views and replay functionality (optional). nAIS integrates with all major map providers (account may be required) and also works with custom maps.


´┐╝ ´┐╝nAIS is truly multi-platform software. It runs on Mac OSX, Windows, Linux, iOS (iPhone, iPad) and Android devices.

Multi-platform GIS

Running everywhere

IT-DIGIN's multiplatform GIS (Geographic Information System) enables nAIS to run on practically every platform available: Mac, Windows, Linux, iPhone, iPad and Android devices.

Digital collections

Innovative presentations

Would you like to present your collection to the public in an innovative way? With Museotouch you are digitally displaying your collection on a grand interactive screen where multiple users can admire your work. Easy to use and maintain, Museotouch is a real eye catcher!

Museotouch is available in a wide range of multi touch tables. Below you will find a selection of the range on offer. Made to measure screens can be built upon your specification.

Museotouch is an open source project, available at the Erasme Github. It is currently supported by companies and organisations such as Biin, Devocite and Melting Rocks.