The very first post

Starting today posts about the following topics will start to appear here:

  • the adventures of the company it-digin
  • AIS: Automatic Identification System
  • NUI: natural user interfaces

The first series of posts will address the 27 different top-level messages as defined in the ITU Recommendation M.1371-4 (04/10):

00: Undefined
01: Position report
02: Position report
03: Position report
04: Base station report
05: Static and voyage related data
06: Binary addressed message
07: Binary acknowledgement
08: Binary broadcast message
09: Standard SAR aircraft position report
10: UTC/Date inquiry
11: UTC/Date response
12: Addressed safety related message
13: Safety related acknowledgment
14: Safety related broadcast message
15: Interrogation
16: Assignment mode command
17: DGNSS broadcast binary message
18: Standard class B equipment position report
19: Extended class B equipment position report
20: Datalink management message
21: Aids-to-navigation report
22: Channel management
23: Group assignment command
24: Static data report
25: Single slot binary message
26: Multiple slot binary message with Communications state
27: Position report for long-range applications
28-63: Reserved for future use

We will cover them one by one …


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